Artistic Leader .

Alexandra Rose Mangano 

Hello, I am Alexandra, the artistic leader of Chasing Lions drama adventures. I have been performing in Newcastle for 14 years and have seen how performance can enhance and enrich lives. At 13 I was diagnosed with three chronic autoimmune conditions and found my strength, passion and drive through being creative and connecting to my wider community. 

I learnt how to use my art as a healthy outlet and form of expression for life's frustrations. It also helps me celebrate the victories and happy times.


Unique and lasting relationships are formed when pursuing the creative process, it isn't always about the end result but the adventure in getting there.


Chasing Lions drama adventures encourages connection, confidence and creativity for people of all ages and experiences. Using the creative process we collaboratively develop confidence, knowledge and understanding, helping find the best you. 

We create immersive theatre, short films and now children's books all about bringing confidence and creativity to you. To build connections and communities through creative practice is our passion


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WWCC Number : WWC0814860E

Expiry Date 01/06/2023