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From Mouse to Lion

The Chasing Lions Story

the inspiration

In 2018 I finished my Communication Bachelor had a couple jobs tutoring drama and a massive passion for creating theatre and music highlighting unspoken and somewhat invisible stories. I really wanted my creative career to be shaped by these stories and for me to have the chance to be flexible in my work.

But what to name such a business? It wasn't until I attended a directors workshop and heard the facilitator talk about emotive performances as a mouse is quiet and has something to say but doesn't have the ability to say it, but a lion has the skills and platform to say what they need to say and say it proudly. So here at Chasing lions that is what we do, we chase out inner lion to create what we want to create and do it proudly! 

the next steps

At the start of 2019 I gained my Certificate IV in Small Business Strips and Chasing Lions drama adventures was born! This year followed with being awarded the Jessie Reid Dyce Memorial Prize in Drama and Tantrum's Artist in Residency position.



2019 - Was awarded Jessie Reid Dyce Memorial Prize in Drama most outstanding contribution to the arts community in Newcastle and the Hunter 

2019 - Recieved Tantrum's Artist In Residency  and created Precondition the immersive experience which had it first development showing at Newcastle Museum in October

2020 - Covid hit and enabled me to build on Chasing Lions and start developing SILLY-YAK

2020 - Received Lake Macquarie Creative Seed Grant for SILLY-YAK immersive launch

2021- SILLY-YAK is launched on June 26th with its immersive launch experience at Belmont Library 

2021- Media coverage for SILLY-YAK

Chats with Captain Starlight

Newcastle Herald Article

Newcastle Radio Interview

Oh boy, the adventure has just begun!

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