Immersive Theatre

Precondition was created by Alexandra Rose and five other women living with Chronic Invisible Disabilities (C.I.D) in 2019 as Tantrum Youth Arts Trajectory Resident Artist. This first development of Precondition demonstrated a day in the life of a "spoonie", someone who lives with C.I.D, drawing inspiration from Christine Miserandino's Spoonie Theory. Over 4 months Alexandra created a space for these women to share their stories and inspire each-other with their experience with chronic illness. 


This immersive experienced took Newcastle Audiences through the decisions, limitations and empowerment that is the daily reality for people who are sick. A project to show the power of community and the strength that positivity brings to people. 

Audience Response

"Absolutely fabulous insight into a day in the life of someone living with invisible disease... What a surprise at the end, spoiler alert, all of the fabulous actors in the production had invisible diseases, just goes to show, how capable, talented and generous we can be even when faced with adversity! Such an inspiration to all!"

- Paulina 


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